The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Casino Dealer in the Philippines

Dec 6, 2023


Welcome to, your ultimate resource for all things related to the exciting world of casinos in the Philippines. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with valuable information on becoming a professional casino dealer and finding the best job opportunities in the industry. If you are passionate about gaming, love interacting with people, and want to embark on a rewarding career in the casino industry, then this guide is for you.

Why Choose a Career as a Casino Dealer?

Being a casino dealer is not just a job; it is a highly thrilling and lucrative career. Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, or simply looking for a change, being a casino dealer in the Philippines offers numerous benefits. Let's explore some of the reasons why you should consider this career path:

  • Lucrative Earning Potential: Casino dealers can earn attractive salaries while enjoying various perks and benefits provided by the industry.
  • Vibrant Work Environment: Working in a casino means being surrounded by the buzzing energy and excitement that comes with the gaming industry.
  • Opportunities for Growth: The casino industry offers various career progression paths, allowing you to move up the ladder and take on more challenging roles.
  • Flexible Working Hours: Depending on the casino, you may have the option to work day or night shifts, providing flexibility in scheduling.
  • Interaction with Diverse Individuals: As a casino dealer, you will meet people from different walks of life, enhancing your communication and interpersonal skills.

Steps to Becoming a Casino Dealer

Now that you understand the benefits of pursuing a career as a casino dealer, let's delve into the step-by-step process of becoming one:

Step 1: Research and Training

Before you begin your journey as a casino dealer, it is important to gather information and familiarize yourself with the industry. Research various casinos in the Philippines, their requirements, and the types of games offered. Additionally, consider enrolling in a reputable casino dealer training program to gain the necessary skills.

Step 2: Obtain the Required Licenses

In the Philippines, casino dealers are required to obtain specific licenses to work legally. Licensing requirements may vary depending on the location and type of casino. Contact the appropriate regulatory bodies, such as the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), to understand the licensing process and ensure compliance.

Step 3: Develop Essential Skills

Being a casino dealer demands various skills to excel in the profession. These include:

  • Card Dealing: Mastering the art of shuffling, dealing, and handling cards is crucial for any casino dealer.
  • Game Knowledge: Acquire in-depth knowledge of popular casino games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat.
  • Customer Service: Providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a friendly demeanor is essential to ensure a positive gaming experience for players.
  • Mathematical Skills: Proficiency in mental calculations and probability is necessary when dealing with payouts and odds.
  • Rules and Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations pertaining to the casino and gaming industry.

Job Opportunities for Casino Dealers in the Philippines

The Philippines boasts a thriving casino industry, creating a wide range of job opportunities for skilled casino dealers. Whether you are looking to work in a high-end casino resort or a smaller gaming establishment, there are options available to suit your preferences. Some popular job opportunities include:

1. Table Games Dealer

Table games dealers are responsible for operating table games and ensuring fair play. They interact with players, explain game rules, and handle payouts.

2. Poker Dealer

Poker dealers specialize in dealing and managing poker games. They must have a strong understanding of various poker variations and possess excellent customer service skills.

3. Roulette Dealer

Roulette dealers oversee the roulette table, spin the wheel, and facilitate the game. They need to be proficient in quick and accurate payouts.

4. Baccarat Dealer

Baccarat dealers conduct Baccarat games, interact with players, and maintain game integrity. They must be knowledgeable about Baccarat rules and strategies.


Becoming a casino dealer in the Philippines can open doors to an exciting and rewarding career in the gaming industry. Through proper training, acquiring necessary licenses, and developing essential skills, you can position yourself as a highly sought-after professional in the field. Remember, passion for gaming, dedication to exceptional customer service, and continuous self-improvement are key factors for success in this profession.

Explore the vast opportunities available in the thriving Filipino casino industry and start your journey towards becoming a casino dealer today. wishes you the best of luck in your pursuit of this rewarding career!

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