15 Big Reasons to Upgrade Website Security to Symantec

May 11, 2019

1. Enhanced Protection Against Cyber Threats

In the digital age, website security is of paramount importance for online businesses. Upgrading your website security to Symantec provides enhanced protection against various cyber threats such as malware, hacking attempts, and identity theft. With Symantec's advanced security solutions, you can safeguard your website, your data, and your customers' information.

2. Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Symantec offers comprehensive real-time threat monitoring capabilities, ensuring that your website is constantly protected. Through continuous scanning and analysis, Symantec detects and responds to potential security breaches promptly, minimizing the risk of damage to your website and your brand reputation.

3. SSL/TLS Certificates for Secure Communication

By upgrading to Symantec's SSL/TLS certificates, you establish secure communication channels between your website and your visitors. This encryption technology builds trust and confidence among your customers, assuring them that their sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, is safe from interception and unauthorized access.

4. Prevents Data Breaches and Loss

Data breaches can be detrimental to any business, leading to financial loss, legal consequences, and severe damage to your reputation. With Symantec's robust security measures, you significantly minimize the risk of data breaches and loss, protecting both your business and your customers' sensitive data.

5. Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks can disrupt your website's availability, causing inconvenience to your visitors and potential loss of business. Symantec's advanced DDoS protection mechanisms ensure continuous availability of your website, mitigating the impact of such attacks and providing a seamless browsing experience for your audience.

6. Meeting Compliance Requirements

For businesses operating in the Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design industry, compliance with industry standards and regulations is essential. Symantec's security solutions help you meet and maintain compliance with relevant data protection regulations, ensuring that your website adheres to the highest security standards.

7. Protection of Intellectual Property

As a business in the creative field, protecting your intellectual property is crucial. Symantec's website security measures safeguard your valuable designs, artwork, and copyrighted content from unauthorized access, helping you maintain exclusive rights and preserve the integrity of your creations.

8. Improved SEO Performance

Website security is also connected to search engine optimization (SEO) performance. Search engines, like Google, prioritize secure websites in search rankings. By upgrading to Symantec's trusted security solutions, you enhance your website's SEO potential, leading to improved visibility, organic traffic, and higher chances of reaching your target audience.

9. Trust and Customer Confidence

When your customers feel secure on your website, they are more likely to engage, make purchases, and become loyal advocates of your brand. Upgrading your website security to Symantec adds an extra layer of trust and instills confidence in your customers, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

10. Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Experience

Symantec's security solutions are designed with seamless integration in mind, ensuring easy implementation and a user-friendly experience for website owners. You can protect your website and enhance security without compromising user experience, allowing your visitors to navigate and interact with your content effortlessly.

11. Cost-Efficient Security Solutions

Investing in website security is an investment in the long-term success of your business. Symantec offers cost-efficient security solutions tailored to your specific needs, providing scalability and flexibility as your business grows. With Symantec, you can safeguard your website without breaking the bank.

12. Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything in the Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design industry. A single security breach can tarnish your brand image and impact your credibility. By upgrading to Symantec's trusted security solutions, you actively manage and protect your reputation, demonstrating your commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy online presence.

13. 24/7 Technical Support

Symantec provides round-the-clock technical support to address any security concerns or issues you may encounter. With their expert assistance, you can quickly resolve security-related issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations and maintaining peace of mind.

14. Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

The online threat landscape is constantly evolving, with cybercriminals finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities. Symantec's ongoing research and development efforts equip you with the latest security measures to stay one step ahead of these evolving threats, protecting your website and keeping your visitors safe.

15. Industry-Leading Security Expertise

With Symantec, you benefit from their industry-leading security expertise and years of experience in protecting websites and online businesses. Their reputation for excellence and reliability makes them the ideal partner for your website security needs, ensuring the utmost peace of mind and a strong defense against cyber threats.

Don't compromise on your website's security. Upgrade to Symantec today and experience the peace of mind that comes with industry-leading website security solutions.

Ian Barrow
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Oct 16, 2023
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Aug 28, 2023
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Jul 22, 2023
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Jul 18, 2023
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Jun 30, 2023
Kevin Sullivan
Symantec's comprehensive security solutions are worth considering for any website owner looking to enhance protection.
May 24, 2023
Faith Musil
Identity theft is a serious issue, and having strong website security is crucial to prevent it.
May 21, 2023
Andre Jenkins
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Apr 30, 2023
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Jan 4, 2023
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Dec 29, 2022
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Feb 27, 2022
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Feb 15, 2022
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Dec 31, 2021
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Jun 18, 2021
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Symantec's website security upgrades provide peace of mind for businesses and website owners.
Dec 8, 2019
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